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Join The Balkan Butler and his tribe in Surry Hills, Sydney, for a gastoronomic journey to the Balkans, where burek claims centre stage and kebapi rolls beat drums from the sidelines, where pirpeki runs riot and palachinki wraps everything in sweet goodness.

come join the adventure..


Monday to Friday: 6.30AM - 5.30PM
Saturday: 8AM - 3PM


Our Roots

The Balkan Butler is brought to you by Dave and his mum, simply known to all as Mama, who have been sharing their Balkan heritage through their culinary magic for over two decades. So what exactly is “Balkan” I hear you ask?


Our Menu

Our burek and our Balkan specialties are our favourites, but we also have all the regulars you know and love. And coffee…we take our coffee seriously…

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have a few mouths to feed?

Catering is our specialty! Our menu is vast and we can tailor it to any dietary requirements.


like our look?

We have merch! Tee’s, caps, keep cups - find them all here!


come and join us for a bit of balkan goodness!

And a laugh or two while you are here…

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